WCNSF: Wounded Child No Surviving Family. Unique to the children in Gaza. I can’t wrap my head around this. My heart rips at the thought of these children. We live in extremely questionable times, with extremely questionable people as our world leaders. I repeat; WCNSF!!!

After a month of relentless bombardment by Israel, medical professionals in Gaza have shared that the number of children without surviving family members arriving for medical care is so high that a new acronym has been coined to identify them – “WCNSF”. Syra Yousuf just can’t wrap her head around this heartbreaking reality of children in Gaza.

Seriously!!! What’s wrong with humans? In a few more decades, our lands would be owned by people we haven’t even met yet. Get over your God syndromes.. Make place in your heart.. You’re not immortal. Displacing humans like animals in big numbers.. Absolutely heartbreaking!

As Pakistani government began the process of expelling all undocumented foreigners, including 1.7 million Afghans – one of the country’s largest immigrant communities. Officials say the policy will be implemented in phases, with migrants and refugees temporarily placed in holding centres before deportation. Mawra Hussain is heartbroken on the said step taken.

Let’s not be afraid of speaking for the truth, for humanity, and for justice… keep raising your voices! It’s the bare minimum we can do for the people of Gaza undergoing a genocide. Ceasefire now!

With Israeli air strikes hitting thousands of civilian spaces in Gaza including schools and hospitals sheltering families, the violence, fear, grief and uncertainty is causing serious mental harm for Palestinian people with no safe place to go. Naimal Khawar states that we shouldn’t be afraid in raising our voices as this is the least we can do for Palestine.