I am happy to notice that all these demos and pressure on our mp’s/reps is shifting the narrative. Keep the PRESSURE on, there is a change in tone. THEY WORK FOR US, the public. South Africa removed its ambassador from Israel. We have to keep showing solidarity. It’s working guys! Whatever the result, one thing is for sure Yahu is done and he knows it.

Kinza Hashmi
We are watching a genocide unfold right in front of our eyes and feeling so helpless to not be able to stop it. But we won’t stop praying and voicing support for the oppressed. #FreeGaza #FreePalestine #EndGenocide

Humayun Saeed
I have never seen anyone play like Maxwell played. Outstanding!! What an innings!! Hard luck Afghanistan... Well played Australia... Brilliantly played @Gmaxi_32. Still a chance for Pakistan to make it to the semis!

Adnan Siddiqui
People are surprised and ask, when the children of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) were in trouble in Karbala, how did the Muslims remain silent? As Muslims are silent on Palestine today!

I applaud the students for asking such important and critical questions in such a graceful way! That’s the power of education! I hope our literacy rate improves from 58.9 percent and more of our youth can hold, people in power, accountable for their responsibilities and actions!