Most Wanted in New York

  • 18 Nov - 24 Nov, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

“Okay, go on, ask!”

“What guarantee do you have that Justin won’t die and won’t get harmed by the police?”

“If he would cooperate and won’t do any tricks to fool them then the police won’t harm him, simple.”

“So why would he cooperate? I mean you know and I know that he is so attached to those criminals and he won’t give up that gang regardless of anything he gets.”

“We won’t talk to him or ask him to negotiate. He needs to be tricked. The cops should come out of nowhere to arrest him.”

“So how will that happen?” Jackson asked. “Do you have any plan?”

“I have indeed…”

Jackson didn’t say anything but had faith in her.

“And what was the other thing you wanted to ask?” she asked him.

“Uh…Well, I was just hoping that is there any other way? I mean can we get Justin out of Mr. Gilbert’s gang through any other way.”

“He is Mr. Gilbert’s favourite. Mr. Gilbert won’t let him leave this gang under any condition. And secondly, even if he does leave that gang, it won’t be so long before he’d join another one.”

“That’s true,” Jackson spoke sadly, “I can’t deny that.”

“But I have a bitter truth to tell you,” she started faking her concern, “I didn’t came here to tell you about it but I feel that you must know.”

“What? Tell me.”

Even Diane paid attention to what was being spoken.

“Your brother…” Linda started lying, “is planning to use you. He’s planning to use your face in order to save himself from the cops.”

“Wait… What?” Jackson got shocked after listening to this.

“Yes, that’s what he said to me that he would use your face. He’s planning to have you killed by the cops and make them believe that they have murdered Justin. So that he can remove this label of most wanted from his name.”

“Oh, my God!” Diane uttered sadly.

Jackson looked at his wife with grief and then looked back at Linda.

“Alright, tell me,” he spoke furiously, “what I must do to have him arrested.”

“Good…Now after two days, the entire gang will be in the same room of one building. What you have to do is call the cops anonymously and tell them that location.”

“Hold on, that’s it? That’s all you want me to do? This is something you can do by yourself. Why are you asking me to do this?”

“This is not all. After that I want you to give shelter to Justin under your house’ roof, because he trusts you.”

“Wait, I’m confused. Won’t he be there when the cops would come and arrest them?”

“He would be but I’m confident that he will escape. And after escaping he’ll need a place to hide. So at that moment, you’ll call him and give him a place to hide.”

“And then the cops will come and arrest him here?”


“And what about you?” he asked suspiciously.

“What about me?”

“Aren’t you going to get yourself arrested as well?”

“Definitely,” she lied avoiding eye contact. “I am I am!”

“So be it…Just give me a text message on that day and I’ll call the cops.”

“Good,” she said handing over a piece of paper, “this is the address of that building and the room.”

Jackson took it and Linda prepared to leave.

Two days later around eleven in the morning, all the gang members were standing inside Mr. Gilbert’s room. Mr. Gilbert’s black laptop was on the table. Linda was constantly looking at it since she knew that it had all the important information regarding Mr. Gilbert’s business and property. She had made plans that the moment cops would arrive, she would get hold of this laptop and then escape.

Mr. Gilbert began speaking:

“We are soon changing our business. I have decided that our business shall go public…”

He was speaking but Linda was not concentrating on his words. She was looking around seeing that Justin was not in the meeting. Her entire plan of today would be useless if Justin wouldn’t show up in the meeting. But there was something else that she could use as an opportunity. She could acquire the priceless laptop that was on the table.

As Mr. Gilbert had finished what he wanted to convey, he asked:

“So, do you guys want to ask any questions?”

Some members raised their hands and asked their questions. Linda was however concerned with the acquisition of that laptop and then flee as soon as possible, because she knew that the cops would arrive here now any moment soon.

Linda received a text message on her cell phone. She checked to see who was the message from. It was from Jackson, she read it silently:

“I’ve informed the cops, they’re about to get there any time soon.”

Oh God! she spoke to herself, where the hell is Justin? He must get here anyhow or else my plan will fail.

They all heard knocking on the room’s door. Linda turned instantly to see if Justin might have arrived. Mr. Gilbert waved one of his men to go and answer the door. One of the gang members got up and walked towards the door and opened it without checking through the peep hole.

The person standing outside kicked open the door as the doorknob slid. A force of more than five men entered inside together and started firing with their guns. They were the cops from NYPD. Everyone inside got alert and they all took out their guns in an instant. The cops shot two gang members. More cops emerged through the door. Detective Kennedy was the last one to enter inside the room. He was also firing holding two hand guns. It was a huge cross fire. Taking advantage of the situation, Linda rushed towards the laptop and almost picked it. But she saw someone keeping his hand over it and not letting her take it away. She looked up to see who it was and it was none other than Justin. Justin shook his head and looked at her sternly. She however left the laptop and ran towards a safer direction.

Mr. Gilbert ran holding his head and face and made his way towards the secret elevator, in order to escape from that place. The crossfire kept on getting worse and many criminals got injured. Detective Kennedy’s eyes were looking out for Justin and Mr. Gilbert. He wanted to arrest them alive and before entering inside he had instructed everyone to not shoot the two of them.

One of the police officers looked at the laptop on the desk and rushed towards it. He picked it up immediately but got shot from behind. It was Linda who shot him. She was standing close by. However, another police officer from Linda’s behind held his gun towards her head. She dropped her weapon. The police officer didn’t harm her but he picked up the laptop that was on the ground with the injured police officer.

Inside some elevator in the same building, Mr. Gilbert was standing very worried and upset. He was feeling as if his entire struggle of several years had wasted like a garbage disposal.

Who is behind all this? He spoke to himself. I guess, I’ll never find it out. I don’t know what’s in my control anymore. All I need to do right now is run for my life.

The elevator’s doors opened before they reached the ground floor. It was Justin standing outside. Mr. Gilbert felt quite relieved to see him. He stepped inside the elevator.

As the two were standing together now, panicked Gilbert spoke hastily:

“I just don’t believe it. I just don’t get it. Who has ratted us out?”

Justin remained silent and didn’t really respond. Mr. Gilbert continued:

“Justin, I got to tell you… after we escape, we must hire new men and find a new place immediately.”

The next thing Mr. Gilbert heard and felt were a gunshot and a bullet entering inside his body. Justin had shot him straight on his chest. Surprised Gilbert asked:


“Your partner John… was my father!”

Mr. Gilbert closed his eyes and remembered the moment he betrayed John.

“Now you understand,” Justin continued, “why I joined your gang!”

Mr. Gilbert took his last breath and then finally closed his eyes. The lift opened and Justin made his way outside.

Meanwhile inside the building, Detective Kennedy instructed to some of his men through his walkie talkie:

“Mr. Gilbert and Justin have escaped the building. I need you to follow them.”

“Copy that!” the voice came from the other line.

Linda was hiding somewhere secretly inside the room.

Everything’s over, and it’s all because of me. Now I must save my own life at least.

She made a phone call to Jackson. She waited for him to answer the call. The call was answered after several bells by Diane:


“Is it Diane?”

“Yes, Linda!”

“Alright, here’s the deal, tell Jackson to call Justin and ask him to come over to your place.”

“We tried that but he’s not answering our calls.”

“Come on! Please keep trying…”

“We’ll see….”

The call gets disconnected. Getting furious on Diane and Jackson, Linda decides to go and kill them. She was however not sure whether Justin would attend their call and stay there for a while. But getting fed up with all that was happening, she decides to get to their house and have both the husband and wife killed.

Linda peeks as she notices that the sound of gun fires had stopped. All of the criminals inside were under arrest now.

I guess I was lucky today. She feels thankful.

Outside the building, Justin rushes towards some white Porsche. A member of his gang was already sitting inside. Justin tells him everything and asks him to leave the place quickly. The cops standing at some distance see Justin sitting inside the white vehicle. One of the cops claims:

“Follow him! Quickly!”

The cops sit inside their own vehicles and as the white Porsche accelerates, they follow it.

Meanwhile inside the building, Linda finds a way to escape from the building. She rushes towards that way empty handed and on her way she finds a pistol on the ground. She picks it up and says:

“I will kill Jackson and Diane even if it’s the last thing I’ll do.”

This was her hasty and pointless decision but she had to do it because things didn’t work out her way.

On the road, the White Porsche was too fast that the cops lost it from their sight as if it had disappeared all of a sudden. Inside some lane, the white Porsche was parked as if it was hiding. Justin stepped outside the car and asked the other gang member to leave. The driver inside accelerated the vehicle and came back to the road. The car was visible to the cops again and they got vigilante following the criminal. They believed that it was Justin who was driving the car but they were wrong.

The drivers in the police vehicles heard instructions on their speakers:

“We have to catch him today by all means! Do not let him get away that easily.”

After a few minutes, a truck appeared and the accident took place in which the truck’s oil leaked over the car.

After the gunshot, the explosion took place and the vehicles exploded in a blast.

Several hours later during the evening, Detective Kennedy was standing closer to the place where the accident took place. He seemed upset about the incident. He was looking at the fire brigade trucks that just extinguished the fire.

“This was not supposed to happen!” he yelled out.

The other cops got a bit shaken on his loud voice.

“Sir, we have a good news!” his assistant came by and handed over his cell phone to him.

Detective Kennedy took the cell phone and held it next to his ear,

“Hello!” he spoke.

“Sir, Gilbert Brown is dead,” some police officer spoke from the other line, “but we have acquired his laptop and his laptop has each and every detail regarding his business clients, suppliers and other people. It’s just priceless.”

“Really?” the detective asked with delight.

“Other than this, most of his men are under arrest and the rest are shot dead.”

“Alright, thank you for informing.”

He disconnected the call and handed it over to his assistant. He smiled while he spoke:

“Congratulations, our mission is successful!”

Saying this he left the spot and walked towards his car.

 That day’s evening, Linda was in a taxi. She was headed towards Jackson’s home.

Her mind was constantly telling her that it was pointless to

kill Jackson and Diane as she wouldn’t get anything back afterwards. Instead it would create even more trouble

for her.