Ian Somerhalder finally reveals about why he left Hollywood

To listen to Ian Somerhalder describe the bucolic slice of paradise he shares with wife Nikki Reed, their two kids and a menagerie of 18 pets (both farm-related and domestic) far outside of the city, that’s why they put their beachside Los Angeles home on the market and never looked back. "Walking through the farm with kids and dogs and family," the actor detailed in a chat with E! News, "every stop, you're pulling off of trees and feeding everyone as you're moving through the farm." "It is a lot of work," he acknowledged of farm living. But there are more than a few payoffs. "It's unbelievable when you see these amazing creature life forms," he marvelled, "and how they all live on the farm together is really special." It's been four years since either The Vampire Diaries alum or his Twilight actress spouse have sunk their teeth into a new role. "I stepped away from acting a little over four years ago," noted Somerhalder, "to raise my kids, build my companies and get these films launched."