Mahira Khan appeals to government ‘to provide safety to Afghan brothers and sisters in need’

For humanity

Actor Mahira Khan has made an appeal to the Government of Pakistan to continue to support Afghans in the country. Khan, who has been an UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador since 2019, shared images with the UNHCR logo and branding, calling for the nation to continue to provide safety to “our Afghan brothers and sisters in need”. “No one leaves their home behind by choice,” wrote Khan. “Here in Pakistan, I’ve been proud of our tradition of hospitality towards those in search of safety, dignity and respect. For over 40 years we have provided safety to our Afghan brothers and sisters in need.” The actor added that there are people “who are still in need of our kindness and compassion, who are at risk if they return” ending with an appeal for the government “to continue to support those who need it”. Pakistan gave ‘illegal immigrants’ until November 1 to leave the country before it started to deport an estimated 1.7 million ‘illegal’ Afghan immigrants, along with other undocumented foreigners. After the voluntary departure deadline expired, the government started detaining ‘illegal’ Afghan refugees in holding centres.