Hania Aamir takes a stand for men’s mental health awareness

Men’s mental health

In honour of Men’s Health Month, Hania Aamir used her social media platform to address an important issue that often remains unspoken – men’s mental health. In her Instagram post, Hania began by acknowledging that conversations surrounding mental health have become less taboo in recent years, but she highlighted an alarming trend of men being conditioned to “man up” and suppress their emotions. She sent out a message of love and support to men who are silently struggling with their mental health, those who find it difficult to ask for help, those battling negative thoughts, and those currently in therapy. She offered her heartfelt apology to men who have been taught by society to mask their emotions and endure their struggles in silence. The Dil Ruba star shared a heartfelt message alongside a candid photo featuring her two male friends and co-stars, Ali Rehman Khan and Mirza Gohar Rasheed. She expressed her concerns about the stigma that men face when it comes to discussing their mental health. Hania Aamir conveyed her heartfelt sentiments by stating, “I have had the privilege of being in the company of some great human beings, and it would break my heart to ever know that they find it difficult to voice their mental health issues just because they’re expected not to.”