Iron Flame
Rebecca Yarros took the bestseller list by storm this summer with her captivating fantasy romance Fourth Wing. In the highly anticipated sequel, Violet Sorrengail returns for her second year at Basgiath War College. No one expected her to survive this long, much less bond with one of the strongest dragons in existence. Now that she knows the secret the nation has been hiding, it will take all her wits to survive her second year, especially with the new vice commandant determined to make her betray the man she loves.

Check & Mate
When Mallory reluctantly enters a charity chess event, she unexpectedly beats the handsome world champion Nolan Sawyer. Despite her antagonism towards chess for destroying her family, Mallory finds herself entering the professional chess world, since her family desperately needs the prize money. As things heat up between Mallory and Nolan, Mallory must balance her love of the game with the deep pain it has caused her family.

The Sun Sets in Singapore
The lives of three ex-pat women living in Singapore are thrown into chaos with the arrival of a handsome new man. Dara is on the brink of partnership when Lani, a fellow British-Nigerian is hired and given her case, bringing up all her insecurities. Meanwhile, Amaka is desperately trying to hide her shopping addiction and distracting herself with a workplace romance when she feels an instant attraction to Lani. After her divorce, former pianist Lillian is desperately trying to afford to stay in Singapore and takes a part-time job where meeting Lani dredges up painful memories from her past.