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  • 25 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • High Life

Essie Treat Love & Colour Nail Polish in Final Stretch
We still haven’t been to a nail salon since 2020 – so this pretty peachy pink nail paint strikes the right chord. If you do not want to opt for more bright and splashy polishes this summer, it is the best subtle colour to go for.

Pear Nova in One Piece Wonder
Even if you’re not a bright-nail-polish person – let alone neon – but still the slime green trend will take over you. This one walks the line between a pastel colour and a refreshing day-glow and surprisingly it never fails to get compliments.

Base Coat Nail Polish in Maddie
If we absolutely had to choose a favourite nail paint, this bright lavender would have to be it. It’s not so pastel that it feels too soft for summer, but it’s not so dark that it feels more appropriate for fall. It’s perfect and for a non-toxic nail polish formula, it holds up.