What’s to watch on Netflix?

  • 25 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023
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A new month looms on the horizon which means lots of new movies coming to Netflix! Here are our top picks of the best and most anticipated new movies that are due to hit your screen in Pakistan this month.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Coming to Netflix: November 17th
The original cast is returning to reprise their roles in the animated adaptation of the beloved cult classic. The synopsis for Scott Pilgrim Takes Off states: “The titular slacker and in a garage band with his friends. His life is turned upside down when he meets Ramona Flowers. But before their love can blossom, Pilgrim finds himself challenged by his love’s seven previous relationships, and must defeat them in over-the-top fashion.”

The Railway Men
Coming to Netflix: November 18th
Netflix’s another Indian drama is on its way in November 2023 which is The Railway Men. The synopsis for The Railway Men has been sourced from IMDb Pro; “Courage. Grit. Resilience. Saluting The Railway Men – the unsung heroes of the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy”.

My Daemon
Coming to Netflix: November 23rd
Coming from Igloo Studio, this new anime follows the events that happen after a nuclear blast opens a rift connecting Earth and Hell, causing severe dust pollution. Amidst this chaos, an elementary student Kento befriends a forest Daemon, Anna, and they unite to rescue Kento’s mother.

A Nearly Normal Family (Limited Series)
Coming to Netflix: November 24th
New out of Netflix Nordics is a new mini-series that is set in a genre the region is best known for – crime thrillers. The synopsis reads: “The Sandell family is a normal family consisting of the priest Adam, the lawyer Ulrika and their 19-year-old daughter Stella. They live a seemingly perfect life in a polished residential suburb. One day, everything changes when Stella ends up in custody, accused of murder.”