Coconut Curry Soup with Chicken, Chickpeas and Greens

  • 25 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Cookery

· 1 tablespoon olive oil

· 1 onion

· 2 red bell peppers

· 4 garlic cloves

· 1 can diced tomatoes

· 1 can chickpeas

· 4 cups chicken stock

· 2 cans full fat coconut milk

· 2 tablespoons red curry paste

· 2 teaspoons fish sauce

· One lime juice

· 680 g chicken fillets

· 2 cups chopped kale, spinach or chard

· Salt to taste

· Fresh cilantro

Saute the onions and peppers in olive oil over medium heat. Saute until onions are just tender. Add garlic and cook for two more minutes. Add tomatoes, curry paste, chicken stock and chickpeas and bring to rapid simmer. Stir until paste is dissolved. Add coconut milk, fish sauce and lime juice, bring back to a simmer and allow to cook for 10 minutes. Add chicken and cook for 10 minutes at simmer until the chicken is cooked through. Season with salt and add kale/spinach. Cook for three more minutes and serve topped with fresh cilantro or over cauliflower rice.