60 Seconds With Kinza Razzak

Pakistani television actress, Kinza Razzak made a stunning debut in 2017 with her drama Shayad. In her career, she has appeared in several television serials including, Bewaja, and Dil Aara; telefilms, web series and advertisements. Her projects also include a web series titled as Ek Jhooti Love Story alongside Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam and a Faysal Qureshi, Aijaz Aslam and Saheefa Jabbar starrer, drama serial Log Kya Kahenge. The starlet won hearts in no time with her sweet and charming looks doubled with her elegant and graceful personality. Razzak’s determination to be an actress landed her acclamation in such a short span of time. With big titles in her kitty, Kinza Razzak promises to play diverse characters in the future and characters that, she says, “leave an impact on the society.” She can be recently seen in the drama 22 Qadam alongside Hareem Farooq and Wahaj Ali. The shining star joins MAG for a fun rapid fire. Here are 60 seconds from her life. Excerpts:

If you could buy any type of food (right now) what would you buy?
Thai green curry with garlic rice.

If your life was a movie, what would be the title?
The Pursuit of Happiness.

One thing you would put on your bucket list?
Travelling the world.

Favourite superhero and supervillain?
Superhero would be Wonder Woman, and supervillain would be Joker.

Morning, afternoon or night?

If you could trade lives with anyone for a day who would it be?
Donald Trump.

Let's talk about fashion. Are you a shoe person or a bag person?
More of a shoe person.

All-time favourite TV series or movie?

If you were stranded on a tropical island, what two things would you want with you?
Water and my phone (with unlimited data) so that I can call people to join me.

What is the first thing you notice about someone in your first interaction?
Aura would be second, first would be how they look. Personality comes after.