Maybe Next Time
On an ordinary Monday, Emma rushes out the door to work, not having time to deal with her husband Dan and their children, who all seem to be sad or on edge. After dinner, Emma has a blow-up fight with Dan. When Dan takes the dog for a walk, he is killed in a car accident. Waking up the next day, Emma finds its Monday again. Desperately trying to change their fate, Emma keeps reliving that awful Monday hoping that this time she might get it right. Also, Reese Witherspoon is set to produce the movie adaptation of Maybe Next Time.

The Frozen River
From the author of Code Name Hélène, comes a new novel based on the true story of a fearless midwife determined to find justice. In 1789, Martha Ballard is asked to determine the cause of death of a man found buried in the ice. As a local midwife, Martha knows all the town’s secrets, including that this man was one of the men accused of a heinous rape four months ago. As the trial nears, Martha believes the two cases are connected and her detailed diary ends up as pivotal evidence that might tear the whole town, and her family, apart.

The Mystery Guest
In a sequel to the hit bestseller, The Maid, return to the five-star Regency Grand Hotel where Molly Gray is now the Head Maid. When famous author J. D. Grimthorpe drops dead in the hotel’s tea room, the entire staff are suspects in his murder. Yet, Molly has her own secret. As a child, Molly worked with her grandmother cleaning Grimthorpe’s mansion. Can Molly solve the mystery and save the hotel’s reputation?