How heavy, the silence of those who cried war over forty imaginary beheaded babies. Now reading in real-time how Gazan babies in incubators are dying because of Israel’s continued war crimes. It’s not just the absence of humanity. It’s pure, naked evil.

Three of the original 39 premature babies have already died since Gaza's biggest hospital ran out of fuel to power generators that had kept their incubators going. The Gaza Strip has been under a total Israeli blockade since October. Osman Khalid Butt is calling out people who were creating a fuss about the fake story of beheaded babies but are not uttering a single word on what is happening in Gaza.

I remind you once again: boycott. This is what ended the apartheid in South Africa. If we consistently boycott just three major companies for one year, they will be on their knees, and the rest will stop funding the genocide. Start with McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Disney. Boycotting means not just stopping the purchase of their products, but actively telling others to do the same. Make it your mission. Cripple them. You have the power!

Ushna Shah is reminding everyone to boycott the companies and products that are supporting the genocide of innocent civilians in Gaza. She further emphasised on the importance of boycott in these difficult times where we the common people are seeing a genocide happening in front of eyes and still can’t do anything about this heartbreaking situation that is worsening with every passing day.

Congratulations on this huge win @SisterZeph. May you continue to be the hope and change for these kids. Pakistani teacher wins global award for educating underprivileged students.

A proud moment for Pakistan indeed! Pakistani teacher Riffat Arif aka Sister Zeph, wins the Varkey Foundation global Teacher award and plans to use the money to build a much bigger learning facility to educate greater number of students. Actress Sanam Saeed congratulates Zeph for this huge honour.