Most Wanted in New York

  • 25 Nov - 01 Dec, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Her phone began to ring, she answered Jackson’s call:


“Justin’s here, at our house.”

“Really?” she got delighted.

“Yes, but I can’t keep him here for quite long. You must get here quick.”

“Alright, I’m on my way,” she said getting an idea.

She disconnected the call and now decided to kill Justin in their house as he was the core reason behind everything that happened.

Thirty minutes later, Linda was having a coffee at some coffee shop near Jackson’s house. Her gun was in a handbag that she had just stolen from somebody. Within a few minutes, she paid her bill and prepared to leave. Before she could finally leave, she heard the breaking news on the TV:

“The Infamous Criminals Gilbert Brown and Justin MacElroy both got killed in an Encounter Today.”

She stopped and went back inside. She walked closer towards the T.V. and heard the newscaster saying:

“Mr. Gilbert was found murdered by one of his own men today. His hideout was exposed and his entire team of criminals is under police custody. Justin on the other hand escaped but died in a car explosion according to police reports.”

“Oh, my God!” she uttered. “Mr. Gilbert’s dead…”

She turned back and walked towards the exit. She stopped and recalled that she just heard about Justin’s death.

“Justin died according to police reports, so it means Jackson and Diane are lying to me.”

She got extremely furious and took out her gun from the handbag that she was carrying. She dropped the handbag and left the coffee bar holding the weapon in front of everyone.

 At Jackson’s home, Diane was sitting on the sofa waiting for Linda to show up. Their doorbell rang. She smiled, stood up and went to answer the door. As expected, it was Linda. Linda had kept one hand behind as if she was hiding something.

“Come on in,” Diane said leaving way for her to enter inside.

As Linda gently made her way inside and looked back at Diane, someone snatched her weapon holding her hand tightly. She looked at the person who did it all so fast and spoke:


He dropped the magazine of the gun and kicked it quite hardly that it was far away now. The gun was still in his hand, he threw it at some other direction. He then looked at Linda. Linda’s eyes were left wide open. Seeing his longer hair than Jackson, she recognised him as Justin.

“So, you tricked the cops again!” she spoke looking straight in his eyes.

He smiled.

“So, where’s Jackson?” she asked looking around.

“Standing right in front of you,” Diane answered her question.

“Oh, please!” Linda replied looking back at her, “do you think I’m stupid. I can recognise the two of them easily. I know he’s Jackson.”

Justin took off his wig that he was wearing and showed his shorter hair inside. He now looked like Jackson. So, he asked her mockingly:

“How about now?”

Linda got surprised and confused looking at his face. She began to understand but couldn’t put it in words, so Jackson spoke for her:

“Yes, there were no twin brothers. Justin and I were always the same person. Justin never really existed. It was me Jackson. I had been playing his part all the time.”

“Oh, God!” Linda hardly spoke.

“The purpose of this was to create a criminal personality who would die in front of the cops and remove his label of most wanted forever.”

“Oh, my God!” Linda was helplessly shocked. “But wait, why did you do this? What was your motive?”

“Jackson,” Diane spoke in between, “tell her from the beginning.”

“Sure,” Jackson began, “first of all, my idea was to impress you. The thief who had stolen from your gang the other day was my man. He brought you to the local casino because I wanted to impress you. Trying to impress you was important because you were my key to Mr. Gilbert’s gang. I had to join him by all means.”

“What for? Money?” Linda asked curiously.

“No, not money… revenge. Revenge was my purpose. A long time ago my father served some criminals. Gilbert was his partner. He backstabbed my dad. He killed him. Then he earned enough money to gamble. Gradually, he became a crime lord and then the king of New York’s entire mafia.”

There was a silence for a moment.

“My purpose was always to avenge my father’s death. I kept it a secret from everyone, even my wife.”

“Yes,” Diane added, “he didn’t even tell me. He made me believe that he had a twin brother and he told me this truth the day his face was exposed on television. That night he told me his plan of revenge and also that his brother never existed.”

Linda closed her eyes feeling defeated.

“And that video clip,” Jackson continued, “was shown to you on purpose. I wanted to find out who was the traitor in our gang. So, I left my cell phone the other day on purpose. Because I knew the traitor would check it and then try to find Justin’s twin brother. That was the only way to find out who the traitor was.”

“My husband is victorious today,” Diane spoke up.

Jackson smiled back at her and spoke:

“No, we are victorious!”

It was a moment of pride for them.

Depressed and agitated

Linda opened the door of their house and left.

Jackson chuckled while he spoke to his wife:

“She doesn’t know about

the surprise that we have planned for her outside.”

Linda holding her head

tightly rushed outside towards the road until she saw

two cops aiming their

guns towards her.

The next thing she heard was:

“You are under arrest!”