Usman Mukhtar and Ushna Shah come together for their latest film ‘Chikkar’

Teaser drop

Renowned actor and filmmaker Usman Mukhtar dropped a teaser trailer for his highly-anticipated film, Chikkar. The actor gave fans a sneak peek into his latest project with a cryptic Instagram post. He wrote in the caption, “Chikkar is us. It’s the oppressed, and the oppressor. It’s those who raise their voices, those who suppress them, and those who are silent – all sludging through the same mud. ‘Chikkar’ is also the hope in our society. The hope that there will be more of those who break their silence, more of those who speak up, and of those who question and criticise. ‘Chikkar’ is that hope in all of us.” Directed by Zaheer Uddin, the film promises to shed light on the struggles faced by various segments of society. The teaser opens with a powerful scene featuring Faryal Mehmood dancing amidst a crowd of men, setting the stage for a story that delves into societal challenges. Chikkar boasts a stellar cast, including Adnan Shah Tipu, Ushna Shah, Saleem Meiraj, and Usama Javaid Haider, contributing to the film’s anticipation. The teaser, largely devoid of dialogue, provides subtle hints about the film’s subject matter. With a compelling teaser and a stellar cast, the film is set to hit theatres on December 22, 2023, promising audiences a gripping cinematic experience.