Nida Yasir opens up about ‘humiliation’ following Rabia Obaid’s walkout from her show

Controversial walkout

Host and actor Nida Yasir, a guest on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast, still isn’t happy about fellow host Rabia Obaid’s on-camera walkout during an episode of Yasir’s morning show last year. Midway through the live broadcast, she walked out in protest against sharing the stage with Mohsin Abbas Haider, who had been accused of domestic abuse by his former wife. Obaid stated that she couldn’t endure the entire show, as facing her friends and colleagues and standing up for other women’s rights would become challenging. With her act of walking off she also expressed hope that harassers and abusers would not be given the chance to be celebrated as heroes. The discussion about the incident was initiated on the podcast when Butt inquired. Talking about the show, Yasir said, “She [Obaid] said she found out in the morning who would be the guest alongside her on the show. We have one makeup room where all our guests are present so she knew who was arriving. She could have consulted with me in private but she didn’t. She had spoken with my team but not with me because I was on set. She could have taken a stand behind the camera.” Nida emphasised her role as a host, stating that she refrains from making accusations and focuses solely on respecting everyone as artists, without delving into their personal lives or conduct towards others.