Trend-proof and timeless

As the saying goes, trends come and go – mostly. Some trends are lasting or even timeless: Year after year, decade after decade, certain trends remain popular and applicable. (Some have even evolved to reach iconic status.) No matter your preferred decor style or aesthetic, there’s a timeless trend to suit your space. Here are a few key trends that have risen above shifts in taste. Read on to find out which trends truly have stood the test of time.

Blue and white porcelain
This classic combination dates back to 14th-century China. Since then, it’s been used everywhere from tableware to tile work.

Meaningful keepsakes
Timeless trends connect with people on an emotional level. That’s why keepsakes and vintage items are always a great way to define the individuality of its inhabitants.

Rattan and wicker
From a rattan hanging chair to wicker lamp shades, natural woven straw has many creative applications.

Incorporating plants into home decor is a timeless trend. Because they are not simply objects, but living beings that help connect us to nature.

Wooden furniture
We humans have been using wood in our homes throughout history. We love it for its innate connection to nature.

This glazed Calico traces back to the early 1600s and is back in various forms, from wallpaper to china to fabrics and floor coverings.