Dress your baby perfectly for cold weather

  • 02 Dec - 08 Dec, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly

The winter season is coming and it is time to buy new jackets and warmers for your baby, or maybe revive some good clothes from the storage for your toddler. Dressing up your kid in the winters can be a tricky job, especially if they are too little to tell whether they are feeling cold or hot.

You want to make sure the clothes are enough to keep them warm, and also not pack them up with so many clothes that they feel uncomfortable and extra hot.

With a little bit of pre-planning and trying these tips, you may soon become a pro in dressing up your kid for the winter, especially when you need to go out in the cold temperature.

The key is layering
Mastering the art of layering clothes will do most of your job. The idea is to use light layers so that you can easily add more or remove, as required. Since it can be difficult to determine how many layers your child exactly needs, just see how many you are wearing and then replicate that or maybe add one more.

For babies, you can start with a thin onesie. Then add a long-sleeved shirt and pants. Top it with a sweater or a sweatshirt. Add a coat or a puffer jacket and you are good to go. Make sure you adjust it according to the temperature and where you are headed.

Don't forget the little things
Once the main outfit is ready, we still have a few more little yet very important things to take care of. Do not forget the socks, gloves or mittens, woolen hats, boots and a scarf (if the neck is exposed). The warm caps or hats are super important as we tend to lose a good percentage of body heat from the head. Plus, keeping the head or ears exposed can make them catch the cold.

Travel tips
Apart from clothing, when headed out, following these steps in the car can make the journey more comfortable and warm. First, instead of taking the kid in the chilly car, turn on the heater a few minutes before, to make the car air more toasty. Also, make sure you carry a soft blanket for added warmth. Also, carry some additional clothes, hats, mittens, and socks, in case anything the kid is wearing gets wet.

Avoid frostbites
Toddlers who tend to run around whenever they can, are more likely to be at risk of frostbites, so parents need to be extra careful. Frostbites usually occur in parts of the skin exposed to super cold temperatures, such as fingers, toes, ears, and nose.

If you see your child’s skin becoming pale and cold, rush them inside. So not rub the affected areas. Warm washcloths can work well for the ears and nose.

Avoid overheating them
In an attempt to keep the kid warm, make sure you do not end up overheating them. For example, when seated in the car seat, you can take out their top layer, say coat or puffer jacket, and provide them with a soft blanket instead. If the baby feels warm to touch, or their skin has reddened, you may have added too many layers and it may be wiser to get rid of one or two.