HTC is launching a VR wrist tracker for its Vive Focus 3 headset

HTC is announcing a new wrist-based controller for its Vive Focus 3 virtual reality headset. The wireless Vive Wrist Tracker fits like a watch around a user’s arm, tracking the orientation from hand to elbow. It’s designed to complement the business-focused headset’s existing controllers, particularly for simulation and training experiences where body position is important. It’s also part of a larger suite of new features HTC revealed at CES, including a 5G-powered VR experience. The Wrist Tracker looks a lot like a small, light, and specialised version of the Vive Tracker device HTC debuted in 2017. It includes a strap and a toggle indicating whether the tracker should be on a left or right arm, but unlike the multi-buttoned Vive Focus 3 controllers, it’s designed to basically connect to the headset wirelessly and transmit movement data, without the need for the headset’s cameras to see it. The Wrist Tracker will cost $129 and launch in the first quarter of 2022.