Palestine might implode from the grief it’s carrying. So much loss in one small place and they don’t even have the “luxury” to process it. How does one even begin to repair such trauma in people?

Nobody in the world can question the resilience of Palestinian people which is way higher than anyone can even think of. The Gaza Strip has been under extreme violence at the hands of Israelis since over a month now. Ushna Shah raises a valid concern that even the most resilient people on earth can collapse as the damage and loss of life they’ve been witnessing is beyond all the extremes.

The poet charmed yours truly and how! Introducing the sneak peek of 'Teray Khushboo Mein Basay Khat.' Excited to share this journey with all of you after four long years. Get ready for a poetic enchantment and a tale told with finesse. #KhushboMeinBasayKhat #ComingSoon

We can’t wait to witness the charm of Adnan Siddiqui on screen after a long hiatus of four years. The actor announced his upcoming project with a little sneak peek as we get to see what to expect from this new serial where the actor plays the role of a poet and the star cast of the drama as well.

Amidst the harrowing storms of a land ravaged by war, the innocent souls of women and children are caught in its merciless grip, I find myself searching for a glimmer of hope. I stand witness to the anguish and sorrow that permeate every corner. Hope is all we have.

Sarwat Gilani finally broke her silence on the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of innocent Palestinians being done by the settler state of Israel. The actress stated that the innocent souls of women and children are caught in a merciless grip and all we have is hope. We hope and pray for a free Palestine with the people flourishing and living happily in their land.