Hang on. I don’t watch much cricket but Isn’t Babar Azam regarded as one of the best that Pakistanis have? Can any cricket fans help me understand why he’s had to go? What happened? And which tactical genius do they have lined up? Just wondering.

You have to back your own people no matter what… Don’t destroy human lives… give them support in their hard times… not just when they bring trophies and accolades. Don’t rip them apart in the garb of feedback.

Naimal Khawar Khan
I now fully understand why there will be a judgment day. Because there is no justice in this world. Each and every one responsible for this will be held accountable, if not in this world but for sure in the hereafter.

Osman Khalid Butt
Incredible! These handful of weapons (quite possibly placed by your forces), aesthetic corridor shots, copies of the Quran and dates completely justify the murder of more than 11,000 civilians. Technological equipment in an MRI building? Colour me shocked.

zhalay sarhadi
People are talking about the trauma of the survivors, I can see the psychosis of the oppressors gaining even more momentum. When this is over something else will brew. Evil is unleashed in full.