Dananeer Mobeen claims she lost work opportunities for supporting Palestine

For a cause

Actress Dananeer Mobeen took to her Instagram Story to reveal that her outspoken support for Palestine has come at a cost. Despite losing various opportunities, the “Pawri” girl expressed zero regrets about standing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. Using her influential platform, Dananeer has been actively raising awareness about the escalating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, both under Israel’s occupation. In a recent Instagram Story, the Sinf-e-Aahan star shared a picture of herself in tears, reflecting on the scenes of violence and loss emanating from Palestine. While Western artists face backlash and censorship for supporting Palestine, with notable figures like Susan Sarandon and Bella Hadid experiencing repercussions, Pakistani creatives in the showbiz industry have not reported similar consequences, given the country’s enduring pro-Palestine stance. Dananeer Mobeen’s revelation has sparked suspicion about whether she lost opportunities on the local or international stage. Some also questioned whether her statements are an attempt to copy international celebrities who have faced actual consequences for their outspoken support for Palestine, suggesting that she might be seeking attention.