Kaley Cuoco reveals why her postpartum fitness routine is good for "my body and heart"

Kaley Cuoco is taking her health to new heights. Eight months after welcoming daughter Matilda with Tom Pelphrey, the Flight Attendant actress is sharing insight into her postpartum fitness journey. In fact, Kaley explained that it's been important for her to take baby steps – quite literally, too, as she mostly does treadmill workouts. "Putting that incline up is so good for your muscles, and for your circulation," the new mom told Today.com in an interview. "I'll also walk backward, which is amazing for your legs. It pretty much works everything." While Kaley admitted that she would much rather spend time with her daughter and partner, she knows that exercise helps with her mental health. "I remind myself that it's just an hour of my day, and like eating, it's important for my body and my heart," the Big Bang Theory alum explained. "And you never leave a workout and go, 'I wish I didn't do that.'" She continued, "Even if it wasn't the workout you envisioned, even if it was a little bit more low-key."