Alia Bhatt joins hands with India’s largest environmental film festival

All Living Things Environmental Film Festival join forces with actor, producer and entrepreneur Alia Bhatt’s production house Eternal Sunshine Productions. As the festival’s advocate, Alia will be lending her support in bringing sustainability and storytelling together. Set to take place in December, the festival now in its fourth year is dedicated to leveraging the power of cinema to address pressing environmental issues. Alia Bhatt, celebrated for her conscientious approach and advocacy on social and environmental causes, is a natural choice for the role of an ‘advocate’ for the festival and everything it stands for. Her commitment to using her influential platform for the greater good aligns seamlessly with ALT EFF's mission to foster awareness and dialogue around climate change, sustainability, and the environment. ALT EFF shares this vision, utilising the medium of film to prompt discussions on crucial topics. This year, ALT EFF is set to make an even greater impact with screenings scheduled with films selected from across 50 countries.