You can't tell your sisters that their only job is to give birth, cook meals: Shoaib Malik


Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik appeared for a candid interview on Shaista Lodhi’s podcast where he disclosed his tumultuous relationships throughout his life and his struggle with drawing better boundaries due to his busy lifestyle as a sportsman. Shoaib emphasised the importance of keeping a balanced emotional approach.

He said, “If you’re in a relationship and you keep saying ‘yes’ to everything, eventually this will hit you very badly.” When asked if his comment was inspired by personal experience with relationships where he acted overly agreeable just to keep them going, Shoaib shared how his busy schedule impacted his interpersonal dynamics.

“I was always on the go,” the former cricket captain said. “When you’re living like that, you don’t think much. You just nod along, immersed in your work and you don't realise it then. Instead of saying ‘yes’ to everything, I should have communicated,” Shoaib reflected.

He went on to add how better communication would have helped him in navigating various relationships including his friends and his family. As per Shoaib, men should strive for gender equality in all spheres of life. He stated, “My advice to men would be to maintain equality in your relationships because that makes life a lot easier.” Shoaib expressed his disapproval of the restricted life that is set aside for women. The cricketer further reiterated his message to men, “Sure, respect them to your fullest but you can’t tell your sisters that their only job is to give birth, cook meals, and do house cleaning. This should not be the way at all.”