Our Cursed Love
Remy Kobata has always wished to be with her best friend, Cam Yasuda. All the way from being neighbours to mixing up magical prank potions together to their “just friends” homecoming date during their senior year, nothing’s a secret between Remy and Cam except for how much she is in love with him. Remy is trying to work up the courage to confess her feelings during their winter break trip, when she gets selected for a mystical tea leaves reading and it reveals that they’re not meant to be together. After they stumble upon a secret magical apothecary in Tokyo, Remy and Cam are offered an ancient soulmate elixir, created before all love potions were banned by the government. They each have their reasons for wanting to take it, but what could go wrong with finding your soulmate a little earlier?

Flores and Miss Paula
Flores is a thirtysomething-year-old woman who lives with her mother, Paula. They have had a difficult time communicating since the loss of Flores’s father/ Paula’s husband, named Martin. Now, when she finds a note written by her mother under her father’s urn, Flores and Paula must choose how their relationship is going to move forward.

Meet the Benedettos
In this blend of The Kardashians and Pride and Prejudice, the Benedetto sisters, former reality television show stars, navigate life in their fading McMansion. When charismatic movie star Charlie Bingley and his friend Will Darcy move in next door, a romantic comedy unfolds. Eldest sister June captures Charlie’s heart, while the sensible Lilly clashes with Will.