British Home Secretary Stella Simmons drives home one night while engaging in an affair with the Prime Minister. A mysterious man remotely hijacks her self-driving car, forcing her on a rampage through London.

The Sweet East
A picaresque journey through the cities and woods of the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Lillian, a high school senior from South Carolina, gets her first glimpse of the wider world on a class trip to Washington. Separated from her schoolmates, she embarks on a fractured road trip in search of America. Along the way, she falls in with a variety of strange factions, each living out their own alternative realities in our present day.

Nightmare on 34th Street
One cold Christmas, a strange Santa arrives to visit Peter and tell him four Christmas horror stories. The story begins when a mysterious and psychopathic Santa visits a small town with a bag full of unusual gifts. The twisted holiday stories featur Krampus, a murderous St. Nick and killer carol singers.

Night Train
In this tightly crafted action/adventure, a single mom struggling to survive agrees to run black market medical supplies in her legendary pick-up the ‘night train’. Only problem now is she must stay one step ahead of the FBI.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour
The cultural phenomenon continues as pop icon Taylor Swift performs hit songs in an once-in-a-lifetime concert experience; including three songs from the tour not shown in theaters: Long Live, The Archer and Wildest Dreams. Immerse yourselves in this concert film event and witness the history-making tour in theatres.