Fans will be thrilled by the launch of the romance queen Nora Roberts’s new trilogy, which features ghosts, a deadly curse and a captivating heroine, Sonya, who has split from her cheating fiancé and inherited a mansion in coastal Maine. Now she must make a decision: Will she take up a terrifying battle against evil?

The Madstone
Nell is not your typical damsel in distress: She’s pregnant, travelling with her four-year-old son Tot, and before Ben ever meets her properly, she’s gunned down an outlaw who may be her husband. Who can blame a country boy for falling in love? This is a wonderfully transporting tale of the Old West.

Ghosts of Honolulu
The NCIS star teamed up with the show’s technical advisor – and former NCIS special agent – to write a story straight out of the police procedural. This riveting account of American and Japanese intelligence agents details the moral conflict many Japanese-American officers faced at war time, as well as the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), which impacted the real-life NCIS.