Adieus To The Magentaverse!

  • 16 Dec - 22 Dec, 2023
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fashion

Vigor. Progression. Strength. Nature. Renewal. These were just a few of the words that recurred when everyone checked in with the leading lights at Pantone – the globally-recognised sorter and systemiser of colour – to discover which amongst its thousands-strong spectrum has been identified as its Colour of the Year for 2023. That colour was Viva Magenta. The colour is brave, its fearless, its pulsating and it promotes optimism and joy.

As we bid adieus to the year and with that, to the colour of the year, let’s look at the different styles and ways the hue helped bring life to our wardrobe this year.

The Viva Magenta shade was introduced to the Pantone colour range in 2019. And its rapid rise to star status in part reflects events that have happened since then. This is an unconventional colour for an unconventional time. And the biggest overriding factor in shaping the time has been the experience with COVID in forcing everyone to make changes that willingly or not have transformed our lifestyles.

When we look at Viva Magenta, we are looking at a colour that highlights our change of perspective, that spotlights our need to feel empowered, and that is infusing us with strength that we can courageously, positively and fearlessly embrace a new pathway with confidence. Surely, the bright and bold shade is not for the fainthearted to flaunt. But for those who feel the zest and passion, Viva Magenta has been the ideal colour to express their innermost sentiments.

Take that as you will but there is no doubt that the 18-1750 Viva Magenta is an oomphy, sophisticated shade that delivers powerful value to the eye – it looked especially excellent modelled by Duchess Catherine on one of her outings. We have seen quite a few designers and celebrities embracing this shade on the ramp, shoots and red carpets. If you are not done with this colour as yet, get your hand bags, shoes, shades, blazer or scarf out and add in a pop of Viva Magenta to your winter look.

Anyone and everyone who feels happy by the colour pink low-key got excited by Viva Magenta. This rich hue – which is a mixture of red and purple – is a more adult way to embrace the Barbiecore trend, and there's actually a good reason was heralded as the "IT" colour this year, especially if you believe in colour magic and manifestation.

On the colour board, magenta falls directly in the middle of red and blue, so therefore it holds the attributes of both. The spiritual meaning of the Viva Magenta is universal harmony. It demands power, passion and balance while also bringing cheerfulness and peace to those who wear it. According to Pantone, Viva Magenta is an “unconventional shade for an unconventional time," which makes sense, since astrologically, 2023 has been a rollercoaster ride!

Still, you'll want to be cautious when rocking magenta, as it also has the power to bring out arrogance and impatience at times. In order to avoid the stressful elements that might cause frustration, the key is to not overdo it – wear Viva Magenta when you want to boost your confidence or leave a lasting impression on someone. Fortunately, there are a ton of inspirations available this year!

If you are the kind of person who tends to stay away from bright-coloured clothing, don’t shy away from painting your nails magenta or using it on your lips to bring about positive vibes and motivate yourself towards attaining your goals.

Magenta will give you confidence and vitality to take on what’s. This colour can manifest transformation, so your life could look very different and more aligned with your ultimate fantasies. Magenta has the manifestation power to make dreams a reality.

If your 2024 resolutions include being more positive, expanding your creativity, and becoming better at communicating with others, it's time to give Viva Magenta a go while you still have a short time left. This colour has the power to help us manifest our desires, so shop the pieces ahead and incorporate them into your wardrobe.