Viva Magenta!

As we get close to ending this year, let’s celebrate the colour of the year – Viva Magenta is also an old-school colour that dates back centuries, long before machinery played such a large part in production and dyes were made by hand. In other words, it symbolises a time to embrace the old and the new with the same rebellious spirit of this specific shade.

According to colour magic practitioner Sarah Potter, “there has been a lot of disruption and uncertainty the past few years, and politics have greatly divided people. We need an energy that will be calming, inspiring and balancing which is what magenta is all about." Potter adds that this colour will bring "harmony and positivity to the collective with its ability to transform our attitudes and perspectives. It’s uplifting, optimistic, and promotes compassion and kindness, which we could all use a little more of now.”

Here’s MAG’s top picks to celebrate the colour and add it in our routine one of the last few times before we get ready for a new year and with it, a new colour of the year.