Festive Vibes

Cozy gatherings over food and laughter, exchange of presents and lots of twinkling lights…isn’t holiday season just the best! Here are MAG’s top picks on how to celebrate this season with your loved ones…

The Bling
Jewelry is a holiday gift that keeps shining for years to come. But diamond earrings can easily cost an arm and a leg. Fortunately, these days there's an alternative that the average person can't distinguish from the real deal: lab-created diamonds. With these classic diamond-alternatives, you have your choice of precious metal type, center stone size and certification status.

Cozy Wear
This cozy gift is perfect for travel enthusiasts and athleisure lovers. Pick a pullover that is made with a soft, lightweight fabric and offers a cozy oversized fit for easy layering.

Digital Photo Frame
This sleek, freestanding smart picture frame displays photos sent from an iPhone, Android and other smart devices. It comes equipped with an ambient-light sensor that automatically adjusts display brightness and dynamic orientation; that means recipients can switch the frame from portrait to landscape mode. It also offers wireless connectivity to make uploading photos easier. This makes the perfect gift for the mom that's always pulling out family photos to show off or asking for photos of you and your family.

Smart Glasses
There's a lot of hype surrounding virtual reality and augmented reality eyewear. Get your hands on the Ray-Ban Meta glasses that can be categorised as "smart glasses”, and they're as stylish as they are functional. Designed to look like everyday fashion sunglasses from Ray-Ban, these smart glasses were developed in collaboration with Meta, the team behind Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Care Baskets
Beauty and personal care baskets are a hit with women, and rightly so! Each gift basket gives you a ton of premium bath and shower essentials to choose from: shower gel, bubble bath, mud mask, body scrub, massage oil, bath salts, quartz gua sha stone, quartz jade roller, perfume, body butter – all wrapped in a handmade basket. What better way to show you care?

Holiday Candle
A holiday candle makes a festive gift. Who doesn’t love natural scents? Take inspiration from snowy nights and twinkling lights, and consider limited-edition scented candles featuring Douglas fir, eucalyptus, pine and cedar.