Maximalist marvel

The maximalist decor trend is all about embracing excess. Think large doses of colour, exuberant pattern and plenty of textural elements. While 'more might be more', the current trend for maximalism doesn’t equal mess. Think of your space as a carefully curated Aladdin’s cave of treasures, with each item on display even more fascinating than the last. Below are maximalist decor ideas to matter this aesthetic. Read on:

Golden accents give the interior a bit of glamorous splendor.

If you love your green friends, bring in plants of all shapes and sizes to create a jungle-like effect.

The easiest way to bring lots of colour into a space? Incorporate a rug with every colour of the rainbow already included.

Chicest way to rock animal print in a maximalist home? Add a zebra-printed ottoman.

No maximalist retreat would be complete without statement lighting. These bold pendants would go perfectly over a dining table.

This poppy print would be a great collection to any maximalist gallery wall.

A jewel-toned chaise is the ultimate mix of luxury and maximalism. Pair with layers of colourful throws and pillows to nail the trend.