No One Can Know by Kate Alice Marshall
Emma has purposely kept her husband in the dark about her past. When Emma announces she is pregnant, he confesses that he was laid off and has lost the down-payment to their house. With nowhere else to turn, Emma and Nathan move into her parent’s estate that she jointly owns with her estranged sisters. Emma just never mentioned that this is the house where her parents were murdered, and she was always seen as the prime suspect. With a baby on the way, Emma finds it’s time she learn what actually happened all those years ago. For Emma has been covering for her sisters without ever really knowing what actually happened that night.

The Storm We Made by Vanessa Chan
This ambitious and sweeping novel explores the fallout of a Malayan woman’s decision to become a spy for Japanese forces during World War II. By promises of an “Asia for Asians,” she instead helps usher in a brutal occupation with devastating costs for her family. With a full cast of characters telling their stories, all orbiting the devastation wrought on a family caught up in war, this is a sweeping narrative, gorgeously written and emotionally resonant. Altogether, a resounding debut.

The Heiress by Rachel Hawkins
Ruby McTavish was not only North Carolina’s richest woman, but also its most infamous. The survivor of a childhood kidnapping, Ruby was married four times and each husband died suspiciously. When Ruby passes away, she leaves her fortune to her adopted son Camden, who rejects the inheritance. Ten years later, Camden and his wife are called back to the McTavish estate and are sucked back into the family’s drama.