Sonam Kapoor
It’s taken me 16 months to feel like myself again. Slowly steadily without any crash diets and crazy workouts just consistent self-care and baby care. I’m not there yet but almost where I want to be. Still very very grateful for my body and how incredible it has been. Being a woman is a wondrous thing. #babymomma #proudwoman #everydayphenomenal #vayusparents

Adnan Siddiqui
Taking stock of the past year, it unfolds as a mix of experiences. Challenges demanded resilience, triumphs brought pure satisfaction. To err is human, and err, I did. Mistakes happened, but each was a lesson in disguise.
Now, standing on the edge of the new year, grateful for the experiences – ups, downs, and everything between. Here's to embracing the unknown and the experiences that unfold with it.
How was the journey for you?

Uzair Jaswal
Swimming against the tide, till I swim with it.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
Selfie stick silliness.