Anupam Kher
Thank you dearest #RohitShetty for remembering what I said to you during one of our chats and quoting it on a show with #KaranJohar! It will help others in their tough times. Yes! It is true! “Failure is an EVENT! Never a PERSON!” Jai Ho!

Saba Qamar
I am very sorry to know about the terrorist attacks in Iran. May Allah have mercy on those who lost their lives in these attacks and I wish a speedy recovery for the injured.

Ushna Shah
The timing of the Epstein list release is not coincidental. This is a distraction tactic. Examine the list, but maintain your focus on discussing Palestine. Do not stop. #EpsteinClientList

Ashton Kutcher
Every product that uses palm oil should reconsider their options.

Chris Pratt
Reminiscing on the serenity of the slower moments at #StillwaterRanch this year. May we all take a moment of gratitude as we reflect on the simple joys, finding peace in each memory. Here's to cherishing and being thankful for the moments that shaped our journey in 2023 and to an even better 2024.