Hunza Nature’s Marvellous Gift To Us

Hunza – a picturesque corner of the world nestled in the majestic Karakoram Mountains! If you are planning to visit this magnificent valley, you have definitely made an excellent choice. This remote valley has something for everyone and offers exciting activities whether it be spotting the elusive snow leopard at Khunjerab Park, a scenic drive on the highest paved international road – the Karakoram highway, or indulging in local delectables while staying at luxury hotels and resorts. The list of what you can do in Hunza is endless. To make sure your 2024 adventure is as memorable as possible, here are 14 things to do in Hunza!

Feast with a view
Enjoy gastronomy at its best in the breathtakingly beautiful Passu Cathedrals. Trek to Passu Glacier and have a freshly prepared yak meat burger or a steak on your return at Yak Grill Passu. If you have a sweet tooth, head over to Glacier Breeze for an apricot cake and freshly squeezed apricot juice. Pizvaan Pizza is yet another favourite local food spot for pizza lovers where you can relish your taste buds while enjoying the eye-catching mountain scenery.

Khunjerab National Park – Wildlife encounter of a lifetime
Khunjerab National Park is a pristine park located in the Karakoram Range which provides an ideal habitat for the elusive snow leopard and other endangered species, such as the Himalayan ibex, red fox and Himalayan marmot. Located at an altitude of 3,200 to 7,700 meters (15,000 feet) above sea level in upper Hunza, this remote park is the highest tourist point in Pakistan. It is also home to the highest paved international border crossing in the world – Khunjerab Pass – which connects Pakistan and China.

Go boating on a majestic Borith Glacial Lake
Experience the calm and serenity of Borith Lake by taking a boat ride. This glacial lake is situated at an elevation of 2,600 meters in Hussaini Valley and is fed by melting glaciers from the Karakoram mountain range. You can enjoy a peaceful paddling experience on this beautiful lake surrounded by stunning mountain ranges, peaks, glaciers and rare birds. Afterwards, you can snack on local delicacies at the nearby hotels. One way to add adventure to your trip is by hiking from Borith to Passu Glacier, as a trail leads directly to it. The track is challenging yet rewarding as you are accompanied by the spectacular views of the majestic mountain peaks.

Camping at Ultar Meadows
Camping in the lofty Ultar Meadows situated in Karimabad is an amazing experience to say the least. This camping experience lets you stay in a lush meadow surrounded by towering mountains like the Rakaopshi, Ultar Sar and Lady Finger mountains along with a spectacular view of Hunza Valley and Nagar Valley. Go off the grid and spend the night sleeping under a starry sky. This is the perfect way to explore Hunza’s magical beauty while enjoying some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of town life. Pack your camping gear and food supplies, and head out for an adventure in these beautiful high-altitude meadows!

Shepherd’s trails in Aliabad
Going back in time and exploring the shepherd trails in Aliabad is an incredible way to spend your day. Hike along the ancient water channel system while admiring the sprawling valley down below. These shepherd’s trails also lead to community-owned mountain pastures that have spectacular flora and fauna to explore. Local community sends their domesticated animals to these high-altitude pastures in summer for grazing. Depending on the weather, you can choose to explore during either day or evening, but the evening time is the best with a night stroll offering spectacular views of iridescent Rakaposhi and stars twinkling above. A perfect activity for all ages, breathe in the heavenly scent of the beautiful orchards filled with apricot trees.

Find the perfect traditional gift Karimabad
There are many things to do in Karimabad, and shopping is at the top of the list. If you're in Hunza, don't forget to check out Karimabad Bazaar where you can get your hands on various souvenirs such as handicrafts, gems, jewellery, traditionally embroidered caps, dry fruits, locally-made jams, shawls, coats, carpets, and many other items. Explore the shops at the busy bazaar that offer beautiful jewellery made with semi-precious stones while wandering around.

Make the spiritual journey to Chipursan
Hunza is not all about scenery and adventure – it is also home to Baba Gundi shrine, a revered saint renowned for his spiritual teachings. Take a pilgrimage to Baba Gundi's shrine in Chipursan Valley and pay your respects at the saint's last resting place. The shrine is located at the Pakistan and Afghanistan border at the base of the Wakhan corridor. It serves as a meeting point for the people of Wakhan and Chupurson to engage in barter trade. The Baba Ghundi festival is held in July and events like Bazkashi, polo matches, traditional sword dance, Yak safari, and Wakhi music attract devotees and visitors, alike. So make sure you don't miss out on this unique cultural experience!