Ushna Shah
You know the content creators & activists who are helping connect Gaza or educating the world on the genocide right now? The ones dedicating all their time, risking their jobs and even their lives to spread awareness… they’re freaking heroes. They’ll go down in history as our MLK’s, our Muhammad Ali’s, our Malcom X, our Rosa Parks. These young folks are making history!

Ali Zafar
Finally, more mainstream Hollywood stars joining the call for ceasefire. I hope more voices from our country and this part of this world will also speak up and stop being silent. #CeasefireNOW

Isha Koppikar
Sweater weather and cozy vibes – embracing the beauty of Indian winters.

Emraan Hashmi
Been ten years since Ayaan’s diagnosis on this very day…. The toughest phase of our lives, but with faith and hope, we overcame it. More importantly, he overcame it… and continues to stand strong. Immense gratitude for standing by us with your love and prayers.

Hugh Jackman
Take it easy.