Publicity Stunts

  • 27 Jan - 02 Feb, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Inside the psychiatrist’s room, Yahya finally spoke what he had been hiding from everyone:

“You see doctor, I have this intense hatred and dislike for this person.”

“Okay,” the doctor listened to him patiently. “Who is this person?”

“It’s Shahrukh Rizwan. I hate him so much. And secondly, I have never shared this with everyone. And I want this to stay confidential.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Anyways, this hypocrite Shahrukh Rizwan, let me be very clear to you. I honestly want to kill this man. And if not kill him, then at least I want to expose him in front of the world.”

“He is already exposed. Everyone hates him. What else is there to expose?”

“No, I want to…”

“…Hold on, I need to be clear about this,” the psychiatrist interrupted, “why exactly do you hate this person?”

“I seriously have no good answer. This man has done nothing to me. He hasn’t harmed me in any way. But I don’t know how he has become a part of my life. I just want to get rid of these thoughts.”

“Tell me something here…You would do anything to expose this guy?”

“Yes, I would. But I want my actions to have a long lasting effect on him.”

“Alright, can you give me five minutes please?”


The doctor stood up and went towards the rack that had plenty of files.

He returned after ten minutes and sat on a chair next to Yahya.

“What took you so long?” Yahya asked.

“Alright, here’s the deal,” the doctor said showing him a piece of paper, “I hate Shahrukh Rizwan as much as you do. I know that doesn’t surprise you. However, I also want him to be banned forever. And I know there’s a way to do it.”


“Several months back, his chef Hanif came to me.”

“Shahrukh Rizwan’s chef?”

“Yes…And he gave me a piece of information that was really horrifying. Look, if you really want to destroy Shahrukh Rizwan, then here’s his chef’s cell number. This chef hates his master. He can give you this information that might lock Shahrukh Rizwan in prison forever.”

“Oh, my God!”

Yahya snatched the paper and looked at the cell phone number.

“Just call him,” the doctor spoke. “And tell him that you’re willing to do anything to destroy Shahrukh Rizwan.”

Yahya dialed the number on his phone and saved it. He was so desperate and impatient that he immediately called Hanif, the chef. He stood up and walked a bit far from where he was sitting. As his call got answered, he heard the receiver speak from the other line:


“Do you work for Shahrukh Rizwan?” Yahya asked clearly.

“…Who are you?” he spoke after a moment of pause.

“My name is Yahya Taimoor. I am someone who dislikes Shahrukh Rizwan very much and I am someone who is willing to expose him”

“Oh…Then yes, you’ve got the right person. I do work for him”

“Good. Give me a second”

Yahya turned and shook hands with the psychiatrist and said:

“Alright thank you very much. I’ll update you”

Saying this he left the room. The psychiatrist said before he left:

“Best of luck!”

Next minute, Yahya asked the person he was talking to on the phone:

“Are you going to help me? I’m planning to expose your master so badly that he won’t be able to show his face”

“Alright very good. I’ll give you a very interesting piece of information that will help you complete our mission”

“Our mission?”

“Yes, you and I want the same thing. Destroy Shahrukh Rizwan”

“Oh, I see. Anyways, where can we meet?”

“We can meet tomorrow”

“Not tomorrow! Today!”

“Alright, I’ll give you the address”

Meanwhile at Shahrukh Rizwan’s house, he was sitting with his son on a couch and his wife sitting opposite to him on a chair. He appeared really upset and his voice was tender. He was speaking:

“I am not a good person. I have been a bad person all my life”

His son touched him on the shoulder. However, his wife stopped him and said:

“Let him speak”

“I am a criminal” Shahrukh continued. “I am a man filled with sins. I just want to change. I want to improve myself. I want to become a good person”

“It’s not so late” his wife responded.

“You know I promise you guys. I will become a better and honest person. Once this ban gets lifted. I will change I promise. I will become a better person”

He hid his face and began to weep. His wife stood up and waved her son to come out of the room and listen to her.

Outside the room, she told her son:

“He is finally gaining some morality. His conscience is waking up. We must support him in every way”

Several minutes later at some distance, Yahya was sitting next to Shahrukh’s chef Hanif. They were sitting on some footpath. Yahya asked him:

“Alright, let’s get to the point. What information can you give me?”

“Look kid, the kind of information I’m about to give you is something that nobody knows. And it might make you dislike him even more”

“Ok. I’m listening”

“The traffic signal incident”

Yahya listened closely remembering how Shahrukh Rizwan always avoided talking on this issue. The chef continued:

“Nobody knows but it was Mr. Ghayyur Anwar who was behind this incident”

“The ex-chief minister?”

“Yes, and why did he do this? Because of the upcoming elections. He did not want the opposition party to win. So this bomb blast was an attempt to destroy their reputation”

“Oh my God. I can’t believe it”

“Yes…But it’s true. I’ve heard this through my own ears. But there’s more”

Yahya paid even more attention to what he was saying now:

“Ghayyur Anwar attained the bomb illegally and had to hide it somewhere. Do you know where he hid it?”


“At Shahrukh Rizwan’s house!”

“No kidding?”

“No, I was there and I didn’t knew that inside the brief case, there was a bomb. And he paid Shahrukh Rizwan millions per day for hiding it”

“Oh my God” Yahya spoke each word clearly and his eyes were left open wide. “This is unbelievable”

“So to conclude, Shahrukh Rizwan was involved behind the traffic signal blast incident. He wasn’t the actual conspirator but he was involved”

“Oh no. That’s just too bad”

“So anyways, there’s this CD. It is a blue colored disk. In that disk, Shahrukh Rizwan recorded all his conversations with Mr. Ghayyur. I don’t know why, perhaps he wanted to blackmail him or something if he backs out. But the truth is that their conversations are recorded in that one CD”

“That’s it. Alright, tell me, where’s the disk?”

“See, that’s the problem. The disk is at his apartment. That apartment is vacant and he goes there once a week. So if you can break into that apartment then you find that disk. It is kept inside some book”

“Some book? Wait, you’re saying that I’ll have to break into that apartment?”

“Don’t worry about it. The corridor is usually empty. There is no one around his apartment. The door is made of wood. You can easily break in”

“Ok, this is not easy. And you need to help me out here. Tell me isn’t there any way you can bring me the keys of that apartment?”

“He keeps the keys by himself. I can’t get those easily. All I can do is give you the exact address of that apartment and some pictures of that place”

“Alright fine. That’s enough for me. I’ll do it. I’ll break in”

 Next day’s evening, Yahya was in his room. He was holding some tools that could help him break inside the apartment. His mother stood outside his room and asked him:

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t tell you now, but once I’m done, you’ll know”

“You’re planning something against Shahrukh Rizwan, aren’t you?”

He didn’t respond and kept on working on his tools.

Meanwhile at Shahrukh Rizwan’s home, he had packed some of his stuff in a suitcase. His wife asked him:

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going to the apartment. I need some time to be by myself”

“Oh, ok. Are you leaving now?”

“No, I’m here for a while. I’ll go after dinner”

“Sure, no problem”

Two hours later.

Outside Shahrukh Rizwan’s vacant apartment, Yahya was standing holding a bag with tools. He picked out the screw driver and began his work.

Shahrukh Rizwan who was downstairs in his car, stepped out of his car. He looked up at the building as if he was headed to his apartment. He then looked at some cabin shop and went towards it to buy a drink.

In the meantime, Yahya had successfully opened the door and now he could easily go inside. He switched on all the lights and went towards a small rack of book that was in the living room. As he went towards that rack, he gave a thought on how he was jeopardizing himself while doing this. But he remained focus on the job at hand checked inside the books.

Downstairs, Shahrukh Rizwan had just finished his drink and was now ready to go to his apartment. He walked quickly towards the stairway and double checked through his keys whether his car was locked.

Yahya opened some book and finally found the blue CD. He uttered:

This is it. This is just what I was told about.

He delightfully kept the CD aside and kept back all the books on that rack. He picked the disk again and prepared to leave. As he turned back, he saw someone entering inside. It was Shahrukh Rizwan of course. As a matter of fact, Shahrukh saw him at the same time he saw him.

Finally it was time. The two of them were standing opposite to each other. Yahya Taimoor and Professor Shahrukh Rizwan face to face. Shahrukh stepped forward and asked a bit angrily:

“Who are you? What are you doing here? How did you get inside?”

Yahya hid the disk behind and stepped forward saying:

“My name is Yahya Taimoor”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen your videos” Shahrukh recalled. “So, what do you want? And how did you get inside here?”

“I’m leaving”

He began to walk but Shahrukh stood in his way and asked:

“What’s so hurry about? What did you come here for?”

“Shahrukh, you have no idea about how much I hate you. It’s better for you to let me go”

“You are not going out on your own. The police will take you”

Yahya’s temper was rising and he spoke in his thoughts:

How about I finish it now? How about I just kill him and bury him so that no one ever finds out?

Shahrukh took out his phone and dialed some number. Yahya immediately kicked his arm with his right leg that Shahrukh’s phone went up in the air. Shahrukh angrily pushed him and he fell backwards. Yahya who had fallen backwards checked his pocket to make sure that the CD was ok.

Shahrukh jumped over him and grabbed him shoulder. He punched Yahya on his face. Yahya however held his arm before he could punch the second time. With all his strength, Yahya pushed him and stood up. Yahya pushed aside Shahrukh’s hands that were on his’ body. Yahya instantaneously kicked his left knee that caused a brutal injury. Shahrukh gave out a loud cry.

Yahya pushed him and tried to leave but Shahrukh grabbed him from behind and hit Yahya on his shoulder through his elbow. Yahya felt the pain but somehow tolerated it. Shahrukh then out took the CD from his pocket and said:

“So this is what you were here for?”

Yahya turned and punched him repeatedly on his face. The disk fell off his hand and he fell backwards. Yahya went to get the disk, but Shahrukh held his leg and slowly stood up. Yahya tried to balance his body. Shahrukh pushed Yahya through his leg that he fell over a glass table breaking it completely into pieces.
Yahya was injured.