• 03 Feb - 09 Feb, 2024
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Whether your motto is “new year, new hair” or you prefer to err on the side of subtle and make small changes to your look, not drastic ones, there’s a haircut and style out there that’s perfect for you. Some of the best hairstyles of 2024 are minimal takes on past trends, with cool updates like more texture or the addition of a pretty accessory. If you’re struggling to find something that works for you, you’re in luck: these are all perfect candidates for your hair. You don’t have to make major changes to look fresh and current – a few updates to your hairstyle are all it takes.

The shag started to have its moment a few years ago and the ‘70s revival cut hasn’t really stopped being trendy since. The difference in 2024 is that curls are in the spotlight, so if you have them naturally or don’t mind spending some time with hot rollers, this is a great cut for you. Shags generally fall between the collarbone and shoulder and feature a ton of layers all around, which can be great for making thin hair look thicker. But work with your stylist to determine the length and amount of layers needed to ensure this cut doesn’t actually backfire and make strands look too sparse.

We love a great blunt bob, and you’ll see plenty of those this year, but if you want to maintain a little more length, consider a blunt medium cut instead. Medium haircuts are so versatile and can be more youthful-looking than very long hair. Adding a blunt finish to the ends helps hair look thicker, healthier, and less straggly.

Remember when you were a teen and probably lacked sophisticated means for styling your hair, so you made do with whatever was around to give it a little lift and curl? That’s the premise behind this year’s DIY waves – they aren’t perfect because perfect isn’t the point. If your waves are styled in various directions, all the better. DIY waves can be achieved with heatless curling bands or by spending just 10 minutes with hot rollers in your hair. Brush out your waves and enjoy volume without worrying about having to hairspray perfect curls into place.

Honey blonde is warm, rich, and features some red and brown undertones, as opposed to gold. In short, it’s a trendy and beautiful hair colour to try if you want something a little different from typical caramel tones or the bronde shades that have become so popular. It suits many skin tones and can instantly warm up your complexion. If you’re interested in this shade, talk to your colourist about ways to personalise it to work for you.

We left the easiest hair trend to try for last. If you aren’t interested in a brand new haircut or spending time adding curls and waves to your hair, don’t sweat it: pretty hair accessories like jewelled headbands, printed bandanas and barrettes are having a major moment, and that’s all it really takes to looks current. If you struggle with thinning hair at your crown, like so many women deal with, a wide headband with a striking pattern takes the focus off of sparse spots and gives you a fun, modern style.