Pankaj Tripathi reveals his mother still doesn't know he's a star

Pankaj Tripathi disclosed that his successful acting career remains unknown to his mother, and he sees no reason to enlighten her, respecting her preference for a simple life. Originating from a humble background with no familial ties to the film world, Pankaj has carved a unique niche in the competitive industry, showcasing the versatility of his talent. Interestingly, despite his widespread success, his mother remains unaware of the specifics of his profession.
In a recent discussion with India Today, Pankaj disclosed that his parents remain blissfully unaware of his professional endeavours and the success he has achieved in his career. He shared, "My mother was here recently with me and forced us to send her back. She wants that simple life. The other day, she asked me that someone had come home asking about me, and wondered if I was too popular. She still doesn't know what I do, and I don't even find the reason that she has to."