Publicity Stunts

  • 03 Feb - 09 Feb, 2024
  • Mag The Weekly
  • Fiction

Shahrukh walked towards the disk and picked it up. Injured Yahya angrily stood up holding a broken leg of the table. He hit it on Shahrukh’s head from behind saying:

“You hypocrite…You are nothing but a two faced dog that has no sense of good or bad”

Shahrukh fell on the ground touching his head in agony. Yahya picked up the disk and looked at it making sure it was scratch free. Yahya turned and walked immediately towards the exit as his head and arms were bleeding excessively. He walked a few steps and then stopped and turned to see if Shahrukh was alright. The moment he turned, his face got hit by the same table leg that he hit on Shahrukh’s head. Yahya fell backwards but the disk was still in his hand. Shahrukh had thrown the disk while he was lying. Shahrukh rushed to snatch the CD from him but Yahya kicked him on his chest as he got closer. Yahya’s nose was bleeding but he avoided the pain and managed to stand up. Shahrukh who was standing punched him on his face twice this time. Yahya looked at the window and pretended as if he was throwing the disk outside. He fooled Shahrukh who spontaneously ran towards the window that was actually shut.

Shahrukh while he was standing close to the window realized that it was just a trick. As he turned back, he saw Yahya rushing wildly towards him. Yahya pushed Shahrukh with all his strength, and Shahrukh hit the glass of the window shattering it into pieces and getting injured. Yahya looked around for the disk. The moment he found it, he picked it up and left the house.

 Five Hours Later.
The doorbell rang. Yahya’s mother went to answer the gate. As she opened it, she got surprised to see her son full of wounds and injuries. He had just come from the hospital, bandaging only some of the wounds.

“Oh my God” his mother yelled. “What have you done? What happened?”

“I am fine” he said making his way towards his room. “Nothing has happened”

He turned on his laptop while holding the disk in his hand. His mother came to his room and said:

“Your face is bleeding. Tell me what happened”

“I had a fight, ok?”

“Against Shahrukh Rizwan?”

“That’s right. But you don’t know what I have right now”

He inserted the disk in the CD Rom in front of her. Then he played the first video file with loud volume. He spoke before the video began:

“Mr. Ghayyur Anwar was the criminal behind traffic signal blast incident. And do you know who helped him? Shahrukh Rizwan”

In the video, Shahrukh Rizwan and Ghayyur Anwar were seated face to face talking. Ghayyur said to him:

“Alright I’m keeping this bag here with you as agreed, but I need your word on this”

“Yes, you have my word, I won’t look inside it”


“But may I ask what’s inside this?”

“Don’t worry, it is something for the upcoming elections. You’ll get your money after my work is done”

“Sure no problem”

The first video clip ended. Yahya and his mother, both were a little stunned. Yahya said to her:

“Did you hear that? I’m going to expose this person and get him behind the bars. Shahrukh Rizwan is a killer of several kids and several families”

Yahya left the room saying:

“Let me get some ice”

His mother rushed towards the laptop and ejected the disk. She wondered:

“Should I tell him today? I don’t want to but I have no other option. I must tell him now”

As Yahya returned, he heard his mother saying fearfully:

“Yahya, there’s something I have to tell you today. This might scar you forever”.

“Yahya, there’s something I have to tell you today. This might scar you forever”

“Ok” he replied walking towards the laptop.

“You need to hear me out patiently. And don’t think that I’m saying this out of…”

“…Where’s my disk?” Yahya asked realizing that the disk was not inside his laptop.

“I hid it”


“Listen to me please”

Yahya waited for her to speak further. His mother began in low voice:

“The guy you believe to be your father…He’s not your father”

“I know that. My real father was…”

“…No Yahya! You’re not listening. Hear me out first”

“Your real father did not die. Everything you know about your real father is a lie”

She began weeping and left the room. Stunned Yahya looked at her and followed her to her room.

Yahya said to her:

“Please finish what you were saying”

She turned around and spoke reluctantly:

“The person you believe to be your real father is not your real father. He is not related to you in any way”

“That guy is the picture?” Yahya asked feeling horrified.

She nodded sadly.

“Then who?”

“Your real father dumped me” she cried. “He abandoned us. He sent me the divorce papers and the marriage was annulled. Which was why, the kind person who is my husband now, accepted us. Out of sympathy”

“Hold on here. I need to know who my real father is. How does he look like?”

“Trust me…You don’t want to know”

“I do! Tell me”

She walked towards the cupboard and from inside the drawer, she picked out an old hard picture. She uttered:

“I don’t have the courage to tell you who that person is. But if you want to see it yourself then…”

Yahya rushed towards her and took the picture from her. He looked at it.

In the picture, his mother was in brides’ dress. And the bridegroom next to her was none other than Professor Shahrukh Rizwan.

Shattered Yahya dropped the picture. He was left badly shocked. He hardly spoke:

“This…This man is. This man is my father?”

“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you”

“No, this cannot be true” he replied as he started crying.

“It is true. You have to believe me”

He cried out loud and ran towards his room. He shut his room’s door and locked it. He wiped off his tears wondering:

“Ok, this is nothing but a complete lie. This can’t be true”

He leaned against the door. He remembered his weeks ago conversation with his mother.

“Are you watching Professor Shahrukh Rizwan again?”

“I’m not just watching him, I’m planning him destroy him completely”

“Yahya, please stop this. This obsession of yours won’t have a positive outcome”

He opened his eyes and turned towards the door and rested his forehead on it. He then remembered his mother’s words from the past:

“Please don’t watch him. I’m telling you that this man can only leave a bad influence on your mind.”

He opened his eyes again and cried out loud remembering his mother’s warning:

“Mark my words, no good will come out of watching this man Shahrukh Rizwan”

She had been hiding this. He spoke. She tried to stop me every time.

He opened the door and went back to her room. She was also crying. He asked:

“Did he ever try to contact us again?”

“Only once. He sent me this letter”

“Which letter?”

“In that letter, he was apologizing regarding how sorry he was…for leaving us like this”

“Did he know that I exist?”

“I don’t know…Maybe yes”

Upset Yahya went back to his room. He sat on his bed and remembered almost everything about his real father that caused him to dislike him.

He remembered how Shahrukh kicked Mr. Ahmad Malik out of his show. He then remembered how he used to insult his guests on the show. Then in the end, he remembered the traffic signal blast incident.

Oh my God! He spoke out loud. I am a killer’s son. My father is a criminal.

He jumped out of his bed and began crying. He felt disgusted and disgraceful about himself.

How could it be? He cried out. How could I be a son of that disgraceful human being? Life is making fun out of me.

He stood up and looked at the wall of his room that was at some distance.

I have no respect for my life now. I deserve to die.

He ran towards the wall and his entire body hit the wall. He fell backwards as he nearly fainted.

 Next day’s morning, Shahrukh who had just returned to his apartment from the hospital made a phone call. As his call got answered, he spoke:

“The disk has been stolen. There was some young guy who broke in here and took away that disk. Now I think that either he will blackmail me or he will expose me and Mr. Ghayyur in front of the world”

After listening to the person he was talking to, he replied:

“No, I will not inform this to the police. The police should never find out about this…Because that disk’s information is strong enough to lock me in prison forever”

Then after listening to the person he called, he replied:

“I’m just going to wait. I’m going to have to wait for his call. I know he will call and demand something”

Meanwhile at Yahya’s room, he woke up from his sleep. He was lying on the same spot from where he hit the wall and fainted. The first thing that popped into his mind was obviously the undeniable fact that he was the son of the most disliked person ever.

He stood up and looked outside the window. He sat on his bed and kept on looking at the cars outside. He was waiting for something to happen. He saw that cars were going on their normal routes and the world was running in its natural course. He asked:

Why isn’t the earthquake taking place? Why aren’t the roads breaking away? How come these walls are as the way they have always been?

The world must come to an end he spoke out getting deeply disturbed.

Few hours later, he was at his university. He was sitting at the corridor and looking around at people walking by. He envied everyone who passed by,

by saying:

So lucky of them…Not being children of some two faced criminal.

He then saw Javeria coming towards him. She greeted nicely as she got closer and sat next to him.

“Hi, how are you?”

She asked.

He didn’t reply and looked at the people passing by.

She rephrased:

“How are you Yahya?”

He didn’t respond and kept on looking at the people

walking by.