This tried-and-true accessory has never steered us wrong. Use mirrors to reflect your style, bounce light around a room and instantly make a space feel larger. Here's how.

Add Interest to an Awkward Space
Ho-hum stretches of wall or odd pass-through spaces can leave us feeling stumped. Spice up a bare hallway, the empty space above your stove or the lone wall in your living room with an ultra-reflective mirror. Fit it to the size of your space (or hang it above a table). Instant desolate-to-designer.

Clone Your Amazing View
Reflection is a mirror's main function as well as its superpower. Take into account what your mirror will reflect, then use it to your advantage. The coolest feature of your urban abode can be catching the awe-inspiring city skyline out the window and on the living room wall.

Reflect Your Style – Create a Gallery Wall
Though functional in nature, mirrors can (and should) be fun. Use them to glam-up a boring wall, open up a small room, reflect natural light – the design opportunities are plentiful. The more, the cuter. Get creative and create a gallery wall of mirrors your style. Spray-paint a hodgepodge of flea market mirrors or ones collected over time and hang them in a random pattern.

Hang a Mirror in Your Entry
Greet guests with a familiar face (theirs!), and give yourself a spot for once-over before you walk out the door. A small mirror over a table will do the trick, but if you have the space, go for a full-length stunner to get a glance at your whole outfit. Pick one taking shape, colour and size into consideration.

Tile Your Walls in Mirrors
Mirrored tiles – laid floor to ceiling in an offset pattern – visually double the size of any space. Especially for a bathroom, consider this – not only can a bevy of people get ready at once, but the mirrors will also reflect a fun encaustic pattern on porcelain wall tile across the room.