Please kick my child: Asma Abbas recounts wildest fan request

In a recent appearance on a talk show with host Mohsin Abbas Haider, the charismatic and beloved actress, singer and producer Asma Abbas had the audience in fits of laughter as she recounted a crazy fan encounter that occurred during a chance meeting at a mall.
According to Asma, she was out running errands when a dedicated fan spotted her and could not resist approaching her with an unconventional request. “I went to the mall to shop and this sweet and cute woman found me,” Asma recalled how the fan assumed a frank demeanour, “She asked, ‘Haye Asma! Where did you get that necklace and outfit from [that you once wore]? I want them.” Asma went on to share how when departing, the enthusiastic fan left with a lasting comical remark. “She said, ‘Asma, swear upon my life that you won’t block me.” The veteran actress divulged another funny anecdote involving yet another peculiar request. “One day a fan came up to me and said ‘This is my child, he is a big fan. You kicked a child in that drama, please kick him like that,’rdblquote Asma revealed, expressing how the fan encounter left her completely baffled and amused.