I have never thought too much about my looks: Yumna Zaidi

Remarking on Nayab, the actress’ debut movie, and what the project means to her, the Yumna Zaidi sat down for a candid interview with BBC Urdu. As per Yumna, the film’s story prompted an easy yes for her given its focus on a woman’s ordeal. “This film shows the life of a struggling girl, who wants to become a cricketer and she struggles a lot to become a cricketer,” the celeb briefly explained the plot and shared, “I felt that if I do something on the silver screen, it should be something like this.” Yumna further shared insights into her approach to the role. Known for her simplicity, she clarified, "I have never thought too much about my looks as to how I should look in any role." For Nayab, the actress deliberately embraced a non-glamourous aesthetic, ensuring her character felt authentic. About her fans’ feedback, she expressed, "I like people's feedback on everything I do. If people want to see me in different outfits, it is fine."