When Pakistani actors go to India and they’re praised there, their value increases: Alyy Khan

In a recent interview, actor Alyy Khan shared insights into the contrasting work cultures of the entertainment industries in India and Pakistan. Reflecting on the disparities he observed, Alyy stated, “I began my career in India, and whatever respect I earned in my career started from there. When I started working in Pakistan, I didn't have to face some of the problems that Pakistani actors do.” He further shared, "Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its own people very easily. When actors go to India and they’re praised there, suddenly their value increases."
Reflecting on his own experience working in India, Alyy revealed the challenges he faced flying back to Pakistan frequently and shooting solo due to the irregular schedules of Pakistani projects. The celeb remarked, "In Pakistan, you go to a commercial shoot, the budgets are high. They want to shoot in magic light, and you arrive on set on time, but the way people work is still as dheela as it used to be.” He attributed the lack of professionalism to the need for a more extensive pool of trained artists and suggested that until this happens, the industry will continue to face delays and inefficiencies.