Jeremy Renner is 'kind of excited' for death following accident

Jeremy Renner was "never afraid" of dying, but after his snowplow incident, he's now "kind of excited" for death. The actor, 53, was run over by a snowplow last year in January, resulting in traumatic injuries. Renner spent most of the month recovering and trying to return to his regular activities.
"I was never afraid, mind you, of death prior. Now, I'm really not afraid of it," Renner said during an appearance James Corden’s show. "Now, I'm kind of excited for it. To be honest, it's what life really is. This rock that we're spinning on, and this body and this language that we're speaking and all these feelings and emotions and conflict is all meaningless in the scheme of things."
Bodycam footage showed what unfolded during Renner's traumatic snowplow accident on New Year's Day near his home in Nevada, where he was "completely crushed" by his 14,000-pound snowcat.
Renner was run over by the snowcat while attempting to tow a vehicle stuck in the snow following a massive storm. The actor was airlifted to a local hospital and had surgery after suffering blunt chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.