Is Shah Rukh Khan the reason why his and Suhana's project got postponed?

Shah Rukh Khan and his daughter, Suhana Khan, were initially poised to collaborate on a film helmed by director Sujoy Ghosh. Nevertheless, recent developments have brought forth reports suggesting a delay in the highly-anticipated project, as detailed by Filmfare.
The recent delay in the anticipated collaboration has triggered widespread speculation and inquiries, particularly in the wake of the varied reception of Zoya Akhtar's film The Archies, in which Suhana played the role of Veronica Lodge. The decision to postpone the project has introduced an air of uncertainty about the trajectory of this father-daughter collaboration. Within this context, there are emerging suggestions that Suhana may consider venturing into an independent project, charting a course distinct from her father's cinematic endeavours.
Although the exact reason for delaying the film remains undisclosed, speculations suggest that Shah Rukh is apprehensive about his daughter facing unjust comparisons with the seasoned superstar. A source close to the development revealed, “I don’t think that project is happening, not after The Archies. Suhana needs to find a project as far removed from her father as possible. Earlier, SRK was tempted to get on camera with his daughter ASAP. Now, after The Archies, this historic togetherness is gone on the back burner.”