Ali Zafar
I am Batman!
If you were to ask me to do one thing for your city or country. What would it be?

Shaan Shahid
It’s been 1095 days 18hours and 48 min since I haven’t heard your voice, held you in my arms... & pressed your feet. But I carry all that you taught me... Ami Jaan
You will always be my source.

Anupam Kher
It is necessary to know a little chess, otherwise… :)

Preity Zinta
Happy Birthday my darling @thedeol
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, sexiness, good health, success and fun times. I always wanna see you happy my most loved and cherished friend.
See you soon, till then keep rocking n shocking everyone around you
#HappyBirthday #LordBobby #Friendsforever #Ting

Billie Eilish
"What Was I Made For?" is an Oscar nominee for Best Original Song