The Magic Of Eastern Formals

Have a wedding to attend? Deciding what to wear as a guest is a pivotal task, but it need not be overwhelming. Pakistani weddings, renowned for their opulence, adherence to traditions, and celebration of love, offer guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a vibrant cultural experience. If you’re uncertain about the appropriate attire for a wedding, fear not – you’ve landed on the right page.
Here, we’ve compiled some great looks, keeping the current trends in mind and provided outfit inspiration. No matter what kind of attendee you are, we’ve got you covered!
Embark on a style journey as we unravel the intricacies of dressing for a traditional affair. From vibrant daytime pastels to jewel-toned evening celebrations, discover the magic of colours and trends behind each outfit.
Dive into stylish nuances, whether it’s the grace of a white and floral showers or the head-turning sunny yellow and powder pastels
With summer/spring on our heads, you can show off floral details on a neutral base. For a daytime affair where you also want to standout, opt for a solid yellow dress.
Pastels are a forever favourite choice if you want to continue using your gorgeous formals from the previous season. White is another colour that doesn’t get enough credit when it comes to formals. But pair that with contrasting jewels, like emerald or saphhire, or pearls and there is nothing more graceful!

• Hair Makeup & Styling: Haiya Bokhari
• Designer: Ayesha & Usman
• Photography: Abdullah Harris
• Featuring: Hania Aamir