• 17 Feb - 23 Feb, 2024
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Balayage is a hair colouring technique that involves painting colour directly onto your hair versus using foils or a cap. This method comes straight from France, so you know that it’s effortlessly chic and infused with artistry. The hand painting technique instantly adds dimension. In this technique, hair colour is applied by hand, typically using a sweeping motion. Brown balayage, naturally, involves creating a beautiful blend of brown tones in the hair. The result is a seamless transition between dark and light tones, which lends a naturally sun-kissed result. While the finished effect is gorgeous, another benefit is that it’s pretty low-maintenance. Additionally, this gives the hair softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. You’ll want to visit a colourist who’s experienced in this technique and has the client results to prove their chops. Once you’re in the chair, you can expect to spend anywhere from one to three hours depending on the length and density of your hair. If you are looking for further inspiration, here are some beautiful brown balayage hair to die for!

Natural Medium Brown Balayage
This brown balayage beautifully melts from dark to medium to light-medium. The base is a natural medium brown, and the balayage technique infuses a multidimensional effect that’s captivating.

Cool-Toned Brown Balayage
If you prefer to embrace cooler undertones, consider this spin on brown balayage. A medium brown base sets the stage for iced ribbon-like highlights painted from top to bottom.

Warm-Toned Brown Balayage
On the opposite end of the brown balayage spectrum comes an infusion of warmth. This gorgeous colour feels light and bright and is flattering across a range of hair colours and complexions.

Coppery Brunette Balayage
There's no mistaking the copper tones in this brown balayage dye job – perhaps a nod to the cowboy copper trend that's so popular right now. The warmth is exaggerated around the face.

Subtle Honey Brown Balayage
Calling all dark brown brunettes. The very subtle honeyed balayage work done here gives a very "just got back from a beach vacation" sun kissed vibe that we're here for.

Mahogany Brown Balayage
Speaking of a sun kissed effect, set your eyes on this glorious, sun-drenched brunette balayage. It features shimmery mahogany tones concentrated from the upper-mid shaft and

ets even brighter toward the ends.

High Contrast Brown Balayage
Craving a dramatic hair moment? Tell your colourist you want to go bold with a major dose of contrast. The dark brown brunette base features a quick transition into caramel blonde tones that lends itself to a real ‘wow’ moment.

Ash Brown Balayage
An ashy brown balayage will definitely turn heads. This one starts with a medium-toned brunette and the lighter, brighter section is focused toward the bottom.

Black-Brown Balayage
Here’s a gorgeous brown balayage idea for natural, very dark brown or black strands. The hand-painted highlights are extremely subtle, offering a little warmth and sparkle throughout while still championing a rich, luxe base.